Wild boar

Wild boar EuropeThe wild boar (sus scrofa) is a mammal from the sub-order non-ruminant, pigs family. The body of the wild boar is short, strongly-developed and taller in the front. Usually the wild boars are 1.5meters in length with weight over 300 kilos. The legs are short, strong and have 4 hoofs. The wild boars have rough coat, usually brown-greyish in color. The head is massive with elongated snout. The canines are developed in tusks, larger in the male boars. It can be seen in Europe, Asia and North America, usually in forests and swampy lands with coastal vegetation. The female gives birth to 10-12 cubs, mottled in long dark bands. The wild boar eats grass, Continue reading “Wild boar”


wolf EuropeThe wolf (canis lupus) is a big carnivore mammal from the dogs family. Its fur is grey-yellowish, darker in the southern regions or lighter in the northern regions. The wolf length varies from 105 to 160 cm, the usual weight is around 40-50 kilos, rarely more. It can be encountered in Europe, Asia, North America. In Bulgaria the wolf can be seen everywhere in the mountains, lately the encounters are becoming rarer and rarer. During the warm months the wolf lives alone and during the winter they live in packs, which go down around fields and villages and attack live stock. The main source of food for the wolf is wild animals, birds, lizards, frogs,but it also eats fruits, corn and other. During the spring, female wolves give birth to 3 to 14 cubs, usually in Continue reading “Wolf”