EuropeEurope is a continent situated mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. Its northernmost point is Cape Nordkinn (71°08′ N), its easternmost point is in the Ural Mountains (67°20′ E), its southernmost point is Cape Tarifa (36° 00′ N) and its westernmost point – Cape Roca (9°31′ W). To the north and northwest Europe borders the Arctic Ocean (The Kara Sea, Barents Sea, White Sea and Norwegian Sea), and to the west and the south is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (the Baltic Sea, North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea). In the east the rivers Emba and Manich in the Ural Mountains separate Europe form Asia. This border is conditional and that is why some scientists consider Europe and Asia one continent by the name of Eurasia. The territory of Europe, including its islands, is 105 million square kilometers. Its population is about 733 million people or 11 % of the world’s population.

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