BustardsBustards are from the Otididae family. Their body is slow and big. Some of them weigh more than 20kg. The legs are long, without rear finger. They don’t have rump gland and the feathers are wet easily. There are more than 23 kinds of bustards, spread throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. They are mostly found on open steppes and half-steppes regions. They live alone or in groups and during the mating season – in pairs. They hatch 2 eggs and the newborns are ready for independent living. They feed with seeds, grass, invertebrates and small mammals. In Bulgaria there are 2 known kinds which are mainly focused in Dobrudzha. The Grand Bustard (Otis Tarda) runs very fast and the males weigh up to 16kg. The Little Bustard (Otis tetrax) is much smaller and lately very rare. The bustards are very valuable birds. In Bulgaria they are banned for hunting.