Birch (Betula)Birch (Betula) – deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Betula. There are more than 100 species found mainly in East Asia and North America. In Europe there are four species of birch and the most widespread of them is the Common Birch (Betula Alba), also called White Birch. It reaches up to 25, rarely 30, meters in height and is usually found in the mountains, mostly in coniferous forests around clearings, always in limited numbers and among stands of other types of trees. The birch has a good potential to be used as a building material and for industrial purposes but only in the areas where it is found in large quantities. Its wood has no core, it’s moderately heavy, tough and elastic, not very durable, used for making various small articles. The bark contains 3% tannins, the glycoside betulin, 2% dextrose and other substances. The leaves are simple of shape, the blossoms are bright clusters of catkins and the fruit is type of nut. The birches are usually planted in parks and gardens and are used as ornamental trees.