Wild boar in EuropeIn zoogeographic terms Europe belongs to the Palearctic zoogeographical zone. Human activities (deforestation, farming, hunting, etc.) have changed the make-up and distribution of wildlife, and sometimes even have led to the extinction of certain species. For the alpine tundra typical are the arctic fox and partridge, and in coastal areas there are gulls eiders and seals. Moose, wild boar, fox, wolf, brown bear, wildcat, hedgehog, rabbit, squirrel, deer, and various birds inhabit the forest areas. The steppes and forest-steppe dominated by rodents (rabbits, hamsters, partridges, etc.) and ungulates. The Mediterranean zone is inhabited by wild goats (Alpine and Iberian), mouflon, various birds, reptiles, and etc. The only monkey species in Europe – the Barbary macaque – inhabits the Gibraltar area.

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